Walk or Cycle from Binns Bridge to Ashtown

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As was customary at the time many of the bridges were named after directors or major shareholders. John Binns who was one of the principal supporters of the Royal Canal and had previously been a director of the Grand Canal Company, has the unique distinction of lending his name to a bridge on both the Grand Canal (at Robertstown, Co. Kildare) and the Royal Canal (at Drumcondra, Dublin).
The Royal Canal is one of Dublin's best-hidden secrets, and the walking trail alongside it rarely used by visitors. The canal itself leads from the Liffey to Mullingar, and Dubliners must cross and re-cross it millions of times every week. Often without even noticing the ideal urban walkway below them.
The Royal Canal Way is ideally suited for some serious stretching of legs after a long flight. For a brisk walk of little more than four hours (or eleven miles), simply follow the Royal Canal, starting at Newcomen Bridge on the North Strand Road. For a shorter distance, simply take your pick with the help of a map.
The cycle from Binns Bridge in Phibsboro to Ashtown or the 12th lock takes about 45 minutes. The 12th lock Hotel is a refreshing venue to take a break for lunch or a much needed drink.! You may decide to go further, as the route will take you all the way to Mullingar. Not for the fainthearted I may add.!
So, on your next visit to Eganshouse, why not try this route out for yourself, you will love the tranquillity and scenery along the way.
However, there are a few musts before you venture into the unknown:
Wear sensible shoes
Go in daylight as some spots are quite isolated and you have the canal always alongside you.
Bring a small amount of money.
That’s it for a very enjoyable day out!
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