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Dead interesting tour of glasnevin cemetery

Dead Interesting Glasnevin - A New Tour

"Glasnevin is one of our great treasures" Marie Louise O'Donnell, The Today Show with Sean O'Rourke.

Take in an alternative view of the varied heritage that Ireland's largest cemetery holds and the history within its walls. You will learn of its sculpture, symbolism, architecture, art, sporting heroes, horticulture, natural life and much more.

Visit the graves and hear the stories of little known figures such as; Maria Higgins, a woman who died once yet was buried twice in Glasnevin. An Irish chaplain who witnessed the liberation of Bergen Belsen concentration camp. The last Irish winner of Wimbledon. The man who cut the ribbon and opened Sydney Harbour Bridge (when he wasn't meant to) and a vault that held secrets during the Irish War of Independence to name a few.

"Glasnevin tour brings the dead to life" Irish Examiner

This is a tour that is for those both well acquainted with the cemetery and those who have never visited before, the secret history of Ireland's most well known cemetery.

Dead Interesting Tours are at 1pm Saturday and Sunday. 5 euro pp.

Enjoy your trip!

The eganshouse team