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A little Italian Gem in the heart of GlasnevinDall'Italiano Restaurant is a hidden gem just a short stroll from eganshouse. I am a regular here and always find it very pleasant & comfortable. The food is quite delicious too!
A small deli counter with Italian delicatessen, ciabattas and delicious coffee-to-go over days, it turns into a restaurant come evening. The menu only consists of appetizers like caprese salad and consorts, pasta & pizza - but of the best quality & simplest preparation. The head waiter even serves you Parmesan cheese for your pasta by the spoonful, and wishes you "Bouno Appetito" before retiring 2 meters to the counter. No main dish above 13 Euros, and the espresso cures any digestion problem you may have had in your life before. There is a very nice selection of wines available too!
Check it out the next time you stay at eganshouse. Just ask at reception for directions.
Regards, all at eganshouse.